Type Of Material For Dining Table

The dining table is made of various types of materials. Each material that builds this kitchen furniture also has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why we must be careful in choosing the dining table of our dreams. Don’t regret buying a dining table because you chose the wrong main material. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages, we also have to think about the model and design of the dining table. Do not let the table we choose is not in harmony with the concept of our home. With https://www.tableschairsdesks.com, you may have many options to replace an old dining table.

To create this harmony, let’s look at the types of materials for the dining table:

1. Wood
The wood that is more often used as the main material for a dining table is teak. Its characteristics are sturdier than other woods and can support quite a fantastic weight. You can place a wooden dining table in all types of homes, whether it’s minimalist, rustic, vintage, or modern industrial.

2. Steel / Stainless Steel
Usually, the makers of the dining table only use steel as the legs and support for the table surface. However, over time, the type of table that is all made of pure stainless steel is increasingly appearing. The table surface made of steel is certainly more sturdy than the base made of wood. Unfortunately, a table with a steel base is not friendly to use because it rusts faster when exposed to water or exposed to humid temperatures.

3. Marble
Marble is used as a material for the surface of the table. Its thick and smooth nature makes the table look sturdy and still beautiful. The colors of marble are also varied, perfect for those of you who need a little splash of color in your kitchen or dining room.

4. Glass
The next dining table material is glass. Just like marble, glass is also only used as a material for the surface of the dining table. Its transparent and sleek characteristics are perfect for use in a minimalist room or house. This type of table is also suitable for a small house because it will not make the room look too full.

5. Ceramics
A breakthrough that has recently been applied in many modern and vintage homes is a table with a tiled floor. There are many choices of ceramics available, ranging from geometric patterns, checkered, stripes, boho, Victorian, and many more. A dining table with a ceramic base is usually used for a vintage or rustic concept house because it brings an old-school impression and effect.

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